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    Signature Speaking Topics

    You Were Born to F.L.I.
    Nobody likes turbulence. This talk inspires women to become the pilot of their own journey, enabling them to live a peaceful life.
    Catch the Red Eye to Success
    Leadership success is a 3 step process that can be implemented in any business. This talk covers health, empowerment, and visibility, demonstrating how women can F.L.I.
    Fuel Your Soul
    Reaching your destination requires a flight plan that uses a holistic approach. This talk focuses on overhauling 7 key areas of life:
    Physical, Spiritual, Social, Financial, Psychological, Professional and Emotional Well Being.
    I offer each topic as training, keynotes, workshops, or breakout. I customize all programs and work with you to create the perfect
    program for your event.

    You Were Born to FLICatch the Red Eye to SuccessFuel Your SoulOther (As specified above)

    Please note: The Workshop is a customizable workshop series that focuses on the 7 areas of self care. (Physical, Spiritual, Social, Financial, Psychological, Professional, Emotional)

    What is the vision for yourself, organization, company or project? In what ways would you like to grow and change?

    Please provide website, social media handles and links to additional online assets you would like us to review.

    What does success look like to you? In what ways are you thriving, winning or growing?