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Motivational Speaker


Storytelling has always been one of Dr. Tia’s gifts. Women are inspired in a relatable, actionable way, and just what they are dying to hear in a keynote, panel discussion, or virtual conference. When Dr. Tia shares practical strategies they can apply, audiences are challenged to leverage their focus and pay attention to what matters most at work and in life.


  • You Were Born to F.L.I. – Nobody likes turbulence. This talk inspires women to become the pilot of their own journey, enabling them to live a peaceful life.
  • Catch the Red Eye to Success – Leadership success is a 3-step process that can be implemented in any business. This talk covers health, empowerment, and visibility, demonstrating how women can F.L.I.
  • Fuel Your Soul- Reaching your destination requires a flight plan that uses a holistic approach. This talk focuses on overhauling 7-key areas of life: Physical, Spiritual, Social, Financial, Psychological, Professional, and Emotional Well-Being.

Professional Certified
Coaching & Small Business Health Assessments

Professional Coaching Services

You can gain recognition and fulfill your potential with the right habits. You will learn different approaches for effectively handling common obstacles, how to strengthen your emotional intelligence and develop the skills necessary to SOAR. Achieving success on your own terms is POSSIBLE. Dr. Tia offers two types of coaching services:

  • 1st Class Coaching Service- 4-6 sessions to get to the root of what is blocking you from success so you can begin the work. The 1st Class Coaching Service is designed for those who are READY to create their navigational flight plan. 
  • VIP Coaching Service- 6 HR (One day) Assess your situation, figure out what you want to accomplish, and take action to improve your leadership and career. The VIP Coaching Service is designed for those who are READY to dig deep and SOAR.

Organizational Health Assessments

Maximizing team performance is becoming more important. Performing a formal organizational assessment identifies strengths and weaknesses and requires the participation of key stakeholders. An organizational assessment is also an excellent method to take a figurative step back and evaluate how the organization operates as a whole. Dr. Tia identifies how an organization can increase its health and competitive advantage, empowerment, and visibility.